Michael Collins Building A Selmer Maccaferri Guitar Cover  

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by Michael Collins

ISBN: 0-9781863-0-3

Cat # HM0001

Author: Michael Collins
Design: Wayne Nakamura/HyperHip
Photography: Wayne Nakamura/HyperHip
Cover Photography: Dieter Hessel

Building a Selmer Maccaferri Guitar details the step-by-step construction of the laminated European style Jazz guitar, made famous by the great gypsy jazz guitarist, Django Reinhardt.

Topics covered include:

• Wood • Gluing the Body • Tools • Binding • Sharpening • The Fingerboard • Molds • The Neck • Lamination • Finishing • Rim Assembly • Bridge • Liners • Hardware • Bracing the Back • Set-up • The Soundboard • Pickups

From producing the “pliage”, to inlaying the rosette, preparing the laminate, carving the neck, to applying the finish, each topic is discussed in great detail.

Construction techniques for both the short-scale D-hole instrument and the long-scale Oval-hole guitar are covered.

Over 275 photographs and 75 diagrams positioned throughout the text to help even the novice builder understand and complete each process. The book is 8.5" x 11", perfect bound, laminated cover.

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I was the guy that annoyed the hell out of you when the book was delayed etc....sorry about that. Well after a summer of insane heat in my garage (in July we had 20 days of 100 degrees) that limited my ability to work on the guitar, I finally finished it. And I'm VERY glad to report that it plays and sounds great! The neck is plyed from a piece of flamed birdseye that my dad had in his shop for 40 years...it definitely didn't disappoint. The back and sides are walnut, with flamed maple binding and I finished it with tru-oil.

I couldn't have done it without you guys,


Rich Daigle

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Rich Daigle Oval Hole Front Rich Daigle Oval Hole Back

The package arrived today in good shape. I am very impressed with both items.

The book is very well done. It is an excellent "How To" book. Just exactly what I was looking for. The full scale drawing has all the dimensions I will need to get the job done...well.
I'll send you some pictures of the guitar I build...in a couple of months.  I'm not very fast at building.
By the way...I've been studying your book for a couple of hours, since it arrived. It is better, and more complete, than Robert Benedetto's "Making an Archtop Guitar" ...which I also own.

Congratulations on a fine job.
All the best

Dan D.



I have been working out of your book, and I have to say you have done an amazing job with it. I have used Cumpiano and Benedetto and your book is by far the easiest to follow and use. The language and pictures are perfect, and everything has come out just like it was supposed to so far.

I am setting up a Hot Club jazz club after school (I am a music teacher) and was thinking of letting the kids give the guitar building a shot as a summer program (required text is your book), and I wanted to try out a soundbox equipped model. Anyway, if you get some time and have some ideas to share, let me know.


Mark F.


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